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JBC Services

How is Jacobe Brothers Construction different?

Foresight. Attention to Detail. Honesty. Problem Solver. Trusted Advisor.



These are just a few of the terms our clients use to describe JBC. A large percentage of our commercial construction work is repeat business. 

Many of the clients we serve have been working with us for decades.

Why? Most have said it’s because of the thoroughness and detail we bring

 to the facets of building construction highlighted below.


At JBC, preconstruction is way more than a cost estimate. We develop a detailed plan to tackle all the building complexities before we ever put a shovel in the ground.


This detailed approach to construction management ensures construction goes smoothly. 



We aggressively manage our schedule to meet your goals. How? Our approach starts with good sequencing and phasing, paired with an honest, collaborative discussion with our trade contractors. 


Together, we reduce waste, increase efficiency, and tighten the schedule. 



One of the biggest challenges for construction of complex facilities is commissioning the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, and technology systems. 


To ensure we get it right, Jacobe Brothers Construction has quality control personnel who work to ensure your building systems work right from day one.



Within JBC, our core values begin and end with safety.

We integrate our safety process into our project planning and building construction approach so everyone works safely and can return home to their families at the end of the day.



As a full-service construction firm, we can serve all your construction needs on campus, regardless of size, from small renovations and additions, to enabling projects for larger construction initiatives, to new facilities. 


We offer a depth of resources and can scale our construction workforce to meet your project requirements.