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Quality Control Services

Fully Operational… DAY 1

One of the biggest challenges for construction of complex facilities is commissioning the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, and technology systems. 


To ensure we get it right, Jacobe Brothers Construction has quality control personnel who work to ensure your building systems work right from day one.

When you move into a new facility, you want it to look, function, and perform exactly as it was designed.

Proactive Problem Solving

At Jacobe Brothers Construction, we take a positive, proactive approach to quality control. We identify potential issues before they become real problems and offer workable solutions to eliminate the issue. 


Our goal is to be involved early enough in the construction management process to avoid issues altogether. Our quality control starts during preconstruction when we develop a project-specific quality control plan, create a checklist for every definable scope of work, and review every drawing for constructability and quality. 


All of these up-front efforts mean less rework during construction, which results in a better quality building.

At Jacobe Brothers Construction, we treat your buildings as if they are our own.

We are fully committed to doing it once, doing it right, so you get exactly what you want.