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Safety Services

People First.

Within JBC, our core values begin and end with safety. 


We integrate our safety process into our project planning and building construction approach so everyone works safely and can return home to their families at the end of the day.

Our Goal: Every single person goes home safe, every single day.

Our Safety Philosophy

Our philosophy on safety is that every person at Jacobe Brothers Construction, from the President to the newest construction worker on a project, has the ability and responsibility to ensure everyone around them is working safely. 


We actively engage our construction workers and trade contractor personnel in evaluating safety risks. Each of our construction employees have the ability to stop unsafe acts, empowering them with a sense of ownership for safety. This approach has yielded excellent safety results over the years and has set all of our employees on a mission to eliminate safety incidents. 


At Jacobe Brothers Construction, it is our fundamental belief that a safe workplace leads to greater productivity and quality craftsmanship.

At Jacobe Brothers Construction, our core values begin and end with the health and safety of our team members.