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School Construction

We consider it a privilege to construct environments that support learning and help students achieve their goals. The educational institutions we build shape the individuals that grow to influence our communities. At Jacobe Brothers Construction, we understand the generational impact of education construction.

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JBC School Planning

For Architects

Our proactive approach lets JBC onboard early to conduct a Constructability Analysis that reviews feasibility and identifies potential build issues for your school project. We ensure that cost overruns are prevented and projects progress seamlessly. Download a summary now and unlock the power of collaborative success!

JBC School Planning

For Owners

With our commitment to collaboration and attention to your vision, we set the stage for a smooth and efficient construction process for your school or education facility. We ensure that cost overruns are prevented and your project progresses seamlessly. Download a summary now and unlock the power of collaborative success!

Success from the Ground Up

With years of expertise in education construction and unwavering commitment to the local community, Jacobi Brothers Construction forges strong working relationships with architects and owners alike. JBC tackles potential challenges head-on with a collaborative Constructability Analysis that ensures a solid foundation for your next school or educational facility project. Trust JBC to deliver excellence, reliability, and efficiency through our deep-rooted commitment and local expertise.


Process Prevents Problems

Every decision you make during preconstruction impacts the school project’s cost, schedule, and quality during construction. As a construction manager, it’s our job to work hand-in-hand with you and the design team and help you make decisions in the best interest of the project.


Ask the right questions

Preconstruction is the right time for questions when it comes to the school’s construction project. Finding clarity about the building you want, for the money you have, in the timeframe you need with the quality you expect is the best way to move your commercial construction project to completion. These answered questions help develop accurate estimates for an informed construction sequence complete with a site logistics plan and a schedule to boot!


Collaborate & Review

Sometimes to find the right answers, you need to ask the right people. We use input from you and your school’s users, from the design team, construction team, quality control team, safety team, and trade contractors. This collaborative approach ensures all scopes are examined and all details are understood. Collaboration eliminates cost surprises, accelerates construction, and maximizes your school construction project.


Accurate Cost Estimates

Trust Jacobe Brothers Construction for highly detailed and reliable cost estimates. We make sure our estimates are thoroughly detailed because it’s easier to make any needed changes to a school or educational facility project during the early stages of design than to add them on during construction. True value engineering is more than simply “design and hack”; it’s research, evaluation, and constructability feedback.

Schedule Management

Welcome to Jacobe Brothers Construction, your reliable partner for school or educational facility construction scheduling services. Our commitment to realistic schedules and keeping promises sets us apart. We actively manage projects with efficient sequencing and collaborative discussions. Together, we reduce waste, increase efficiency, and tighten the schedule for your confidence in the project timeline.

Our approach is grounded in reality. Before committing to completion dates, we thoroughly evaluate project risks, logistics, and critical path activities. Drawing from local data and resources, we create a wise plan of attack, ensuring we can meet your deadlines.

Accountability is paramount. Daily planning sessions, regular reviews, and proactive course corrections keep us on track. Transparency is our policy, as we engage in open conversations with all stakeholders. With an assigned Jacobe Brothers Construction Project Manager and Procore construction software, you have consistent access to all project updates. Trust Jacobe Brothers Construction for a transparent and well-managed schedule, ensuring success in your commercial construction project.

Quality Control

Constructing complex educational facilities poses a major challenge of commissioning various systems including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, and technology. At Jacobe Brothers Construction, we prioritize the significance of doing it right the first time. That’s why we have dedicated quality control personnel who work diligently to ensure that your building systems are fully operational from day one. When you step into your new facility, you can trust that it will look, function, and perform exactly as it was designed.

Quality Control | Church Construction | Jacobe Brothers Construction

Our approach to quality control is proactive and solution-oriented. We don't wait for issues to arise; instead, we identify potential problems early in the process and offer workable solutions to eliminate them. Our goal is to be involved from the outset of the construction management process to avoid issues altogether. During preconstruction, we develop a project-specific quality control plan, create checklists for every scope of work, and meticulously review each drawing for constructability and quality.

These upfront efforts significantly reduce the need for rework during construction, ultimately resulting in a better-quality building. At Jacobe Brothers Construction, we treat your projects as if they were our own. We are fully committed to doing it once and doing it right, so you get exactly what you want. You can rely on us to deliver a fully functional and high-quality facility right from the start.


Putting Safety First: Jacobe Brothers Construction is Commitment to School Construction Safety

At JBC, safety is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize the well-being of our team members and integrate our safety process into every aspect of our project planning and building construction approach. Our ultimate goal is simple yet essential: we aim for every individual to return home safely, every single day.

Quality Control | Church Construction | Jacobe Brothers Construction

Our safety philosophy is centered on the belief that safety is the responsibility of every individual at Jacobe Brothers Construction. From the President to the newest construction worker, everyone has the ability and duty to ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues. We actively engage our construction workers and trade contractor personnel in identifying safety risks, empowering them with the authority to halt any unsafe acts they encounter. This shared ownership for safety has yielded outstanding results over the years, driving all our employees to work collectively towards eliminating safety incidents.

Leadership & Experience

Founded in Tyler in 1946, Jacobe Brothers Construction Company is now a leading name in East Texas educational facility construction. Three generations of the Jacobe family are known for their hard work, high morals, and strong family values which are the unchanging foundation of JBC. From John Jacobe’s vision to establish a business based on integrity and proactive working relationships to Bryan Jacobe’s current lead as President. JBC’s team of industry-leading educational facility construction professionals has delivered successful builds from the Gulf Coast to the Red River, from West Texas to East Texas’ piney woods, and beyond.

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